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Top Fashion Schools In Italy

top fashion schools in italy

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German postcard by Kruger, nr. 902/183. Photo: Ariola.

Singer and actress Dalida (1933-1987) was born and raised in Egypt, but she lived most of her adult life in France. The former Miss Egypt 1954 received 55 gold records and was the first singer to receive a diamond disc. She also appeared in Egyptian and French films. The immensely popular diva died a tragic death in 1987. She has now become a cult figure for a whole new generation of fans.

Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti was born in Shoubra, Cairo, Egypt in a middle-class family. Her family was of Italian origin, her parents having emigrated at the turn of the century from Calabria, Italy. She was the middle child between two brothers, Orlando and Bruno (who would later in Dalida's career change his name to Orlando like his other brother and become her manager). Dalida’s father, Pietro Gigliotti, was first violinist (primo violino) at the Cairo Opera House. Dalida’s early life was spent in the district of Shoubra, where she attended the Scuola Tecnica Commerciale Maria Ausiliatrice, an Italian Catholic school. In 1950, Dalida participated in the Miss Ondine beauty pageant and won the title, and shortly after began working as a model for Donna, a Cairo-based fashion house. At the age of 20, Dalida won the Miss Egypt pageant. The doors of the Cairo film industry (the Egyptian version of Hollywood) opened wide before her. She was cast as a sultry brunette vamp in the films Sigara wa Kass/A Cigarette and a Glass (1954, Niazi Mostafa) and Joseph et ses freres/Joseph and His Brothers (1954) with Omar Sharif. She was spotted by French director Marc de Gastyne, who he gave her a role in his film Le Masque de Toutankhamon (1954, Marc de Gastyne). Much to the reluctance of her parents, she moved to Paris on Christmas Eve of the same year with the intention of pursuing a film career. It was about this time she adopted the name Dalila, which was shortly thereafter changed to the more familiar Dalida.

Dalida’s quest for a career in French cinema proved to be no success. Instead, she began taking singing lessons, and was booked as a cabaret act on the Champs Elysees, which proved successful. Performing the song Etrangere au Paradis in a variety show at the Paris Olympia theatre, Dalida was introduced to Lucien Morisse and Eddie Barclay, who played a considerable part in launching the starlet’s career. Morisse was artistic producer of the popular Radio Europe 1, and Barclay an established record producer. After signing a recording contract with Barclay, Dalida’s debut single Madona was promoted heavily by Morisse, and was a moderate success. However, the release of Bambino in 1956 would prove to be even more triumphant - it spent 46 weeks in the French top ten and remains one of the biggest-selling singles in French history, and for its sales (which exceeded 300,000 copies) Dalida was awarded her first gold disc, presented on 17 September 1957. In the same year, she would also support Charles Aznavour at The Olympia. The follow up single to Bambino, the exotic-sounding Gondolier, was released in the Christmas on 1957, was also a great success, as were other early releases such as Come Prima (Tu Me Donnes), Ciao Ciao Bambina, and a cover of The Drifters’ Save the Last Dance For Me, Garde-Moi la Derniere Danse. Dalida would perform and record in more than 10 languages including: French, Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish, English, Dutch, Japanese, Hebrew, and Greek. She collected 19 international number one hit singles to her name, spanning over forty years. Worldwide sales of her music are estimated at over 130 million, establishing her as one of the most noteworthy multi-lingual recording artists of the twentieth century.

Dalida incidentally appeared in such French films as Brigade des m?urs (1958, Maurice Boutel), Rapt au deuxieme bureau/Operation Abduction (1958, Jean Stelli) and Che femmina... e che dollari!/Parlez-moi d'amour (1960, Giorgio Simonelli) with Jacques Sernas. She toured extensively through Europe, Egypt and the United States from 1958 through the early 1960’s, and Dalida soon became well-known throughout Europe. However, her tour of America was less successful and fame eluded her in English-speaking markets. In 1961, Dalida performed a month of shows at the Olympia, with each selling out completely. Shortly afterwards Dalida embarked upon a tour of Hong Kong and Vietnam. Throughout the 1960’s Dalida would frequently perform sell-out shows at The Olympia, and international dates became more frequent. She also starred in films like L'inconnue de Hong Kong/Stranger from Hong-Kong (1963, Jacques Poitrenaud) opposite Serge Gainsbourg, and Menage all'italiana/Menage Italian Style (1968, Franco Indovina) with Ugo Tognazzi. In December 1968, she was awarded the Medaille de la Presidence de la Republique by General de Gaulle, the only person from the music industry to have received this accolade. The early 1970’s became a transitional period for the singe

Francoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy

French postcard by E.D.U.G. Photo: Sam Levin.

French singer, actress and astrologer Francoise Hardy (1944) was the original Ye-ye girl of the sixties with her trademark jeans and leather jacket. She occasionally appeared in international films of the 1960’s, and today she is still an iconic figure in fashion, music and style.

Francoise Madeleine Hardy was born in 1944 in Paris. She grew up with her younger sister Michele in the 9th arrondissement. Their unmarried mother worked as an assistant accountant. The introverted Francoise grew up to be an extremely studious and pious student who found it difficult to overcome her shyness. She received a guitar on her sixteenth birthday from her mostly absent father as a reward for passing her baccalaureat, ans started to write her own songs. After a year at the Sorbonne she answered a newspaper advertisement looking for young singers. At 17, Hardy signed her first contract with the record label Vogue in November 1961. In April 1962, shortly after finishing school, her first record Oh Oh Cheri appeared, written by Johnny Hallyday's habitual writing duo. With her shy temperament, her soft voice and her quiet natural beauty, Francoise Hardy was the ultimate girl-next-door made good. Her own flip side of the record, Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles became a success, riding the wave of the Ye-ye (or Yeah-yeah - the French rock'n'roll craze), with two million sales. She first appeared on television in 1962 during an interlude in a programme reporting the results of a presidential referendum. Francoise Hardy found herself at the very forefront of the French music scene.

Francoise Hardy soon began to appear on the cover of all the top music magazines of the day. During a photo shoot for the magazine Salut les copains she fell in love with photographer Jean-Marie Perier. He transformed the young singer from a shy, gauche-looking schoolgirl into a modern young trend-setter. She made her first film appearance in the comedy Chateau en Suede/ Nutty, Naughty Chateau (1963, Roger Vadim) with Jean-Louis Trintignant. She also appeared in an uncredited appearance in the final scene of What's New Pussycat? (1965, Clive Donner, Richard Talmadge), in the leading role of the crime drama Une Balle au C?ur/Devil at My Heels (1965, Jean-Daniel Pollet) opposite Sami Frey, in a scene from Godard's masterpiece Masculin, feminin (1966, Jean-Luc Godard), and in Grand Prix (1966, John Frankenheimer) starring James Garner. Other films in which she appeared include Les colombes/ The Doves (1972, Jean-Claude Lord) and the tv musical Emilie jolie (1980, Jean-Christophe Averty). Singing is her major forte though. Her songs are featured on many film soundtracks. Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles for instance plays during the British film Metroland (1997, Philip Saville), during The Dreamers (2003, Bernardo Betrtolucci), and during The Statement (2003, Norman Jewison) and another song L'Amitie (1965) plays during the end credits of Les Invasions barbares/The Barbarian Invasions (2003, Denys Arcand) which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

In 1963 Francoise Hardy’s debut album was released to general critical acclaim. That year she also came fifth for Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest with L'amour s'en va, and that same year she was awarded the Grand Prix Du Disque of the Charles Cros Academy. The following year she set off on an extensive European tour which included an appearance in Italy at the famous San Remo Song Contest. Here she performed Parla mi di te. She sings in French, English, Italian, Spanish, and German. In spite of the fact that Hardy's voice was neither extremely powerful nor strikingly unusual, the singer would continue to woo audiences throughout her career with her exceptional lyrics and the sheer force of the emotion which she put into her performances.In 1981, she married her long-time companion Jacques Dutronc, with whom she had had a son, Thomas Dutronc, in 1973. In 1994, she collaborated with the British pop group Blur for their La Comedie version of To The End, and in 2000, she made a comeback with the album Clair Obscur. Her son played guitar and her husband sang the duet Puisque Vous Partez En Voyage. Iggy Pop and Etienne Daho also took part. Francoise Hardy lives near Paris and Dutronc lives in Monticello, Corsica, although they remain a couple.

Sources: Wikipedia, Radio France Internationale and IMDb.

top fashion schools in italy

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